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Report finds school segregation in New York is the worst in the country

Jun 18, 2021 5:45 am

Stephon Johnson is reporting for the Amsterdam News a new report from the Civil Rights Project at UCLA found the state of New York is the most segregated state for black students, and the second most segregated for Latino students, trailing only California. Researchers analyzed trends from 2010 to 2018. The project's 2014 study previously found New York to be the worst, based on an analysis of data through 2010. “All racial/ethnic groups but Latino students have experienced declining contact with white students in N[ew] Y[ork] S[tate]; this has been supplanted with growing exposure to Latino students,” read the report. The report also notes that white students are no longer the state’s majority group like they were in 2010 when they clocked in at just over 50 percent. In New York City, 40.6 percent of its public school students identify as Hispanic, 25.5 percent black, 16.2 percent Asian and 15.1 percent are white. Hispanic and black students were more likely to attend schools that were segregated by poverty, according to the city council. Danielle Cohen, of the Civil Rights Project, pointed out that in order to address segregation in schools, all aspects of life in towns, suburbs, exurbs and cities have to be examined. “Racism in housing and education policy have played very important roles in creating and perpetuating school segregation,” she said. An example is Rochester, which ranks in the top 20 of the most hyper-segregated cities in America. The UCLA report noted how deeds in Monroe County still contain clauses that restrict who can purchase properties or occupy spaces, thereby excluding people of color, Jewish people and other ethnicities from specific areas. Thousands of these deeds still exist in the city and its suburbs. The newly released research also examines the expansion of school choice and charter schools and how those options may have contributed to the continued segregation of New York City’s schools, in particular. The Civil Rights Project's mission is to create a new generation of research in the areas of social science and the law. Read the full story at amsterdamnews [dot] com.