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County clerks ask Trump for help with 'Green Light' bill

Jun 27, 2019 1:15 pm
David Lombardo is reporting for the Times Union Saratoga County Clerk Craig Hayner and other county clerks in New York are asking President Donald J. Trump to instruct the U.S. Justice Department to review a new law giving undocumented people access to driver's licenses and to provide a legal opinion as to whether the measure can be challenged in federal court. The letter, dated June 24, was sent to Trump by Hayner, on the official Saratoga County letterhead, and was distributed earlyJune 27 by an Albany public relations firm. The law is slated to take effect in December. "For the past six months, I've asserted my belief that the New York state 'Green Light Bill,' recently signed into law by Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo, circumvents federal immigration law and forces department of motor vehicles' employees and county clerks to break their oath of office," Hayner said in a statement. Proponents of the measure say it will promote public safety, boost the state's economy and improve the quality of life for undocumented people. Hayner's letter does not include the names or signatures of the 30 county clerks who purportedly signed on to the appeal.In a story published by the Daily Freeman on June 24, Columbia County Clerk Holly Tanner refrained from saying what she will do when the new law takes effect. “While not in favor of how this bill was written due to myriad issues, I am waiting to see the outcome of potential lawsuits and determination from the NYS DMV leadership on how this law, if it stands, will be implemented in regards to points, documentation, verification, etc.,” she said. NOTE: Tanner is an active WGXC volunteer programmer. Read the full story in the Times Union.