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Maple trees down in Germantown

Aug 27, 2019 11:21 pm
Greg Fingar posted on Facebook Aug. 27 that two very old trees in front of the Fingar Insurance Germantown office at 1 Church Ave. were taken down. "As many may have noticed the 100 year old maple trees in front of Fingar Insurance were taken down. We’ve made every effort over the last several years to trim back the large dead limbs. The 6”-8” large dead limbs, some extending 10-12 feet, were causing a public health issue. It was obvious it was just a matter of time until a major limb fell causing property damage to someone’s vehicle or worse personal injury to someone. With the increased pedestrian traffic in Germantown the thought of someone being injured or worse, was unimaginable. All adjacent property owners were notified prior to the decision. We will in the fall replace the trees. Moving them back a bit as to not cause damage to the new sidewalks. Fingar wrote on Facebook. If he is correct about the age of the trees, they were older than the insurance company, which began in 1931.