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Germantown residents say town's 'small-town character' is major strength

Jan 25, 2017 5:30 am

Debby Mayer is reporting in The Columbia Paper a sampling of Germantown residents believe the town's major strength is its small-town character, and its greatest weakness is the unappealing town gateway on Route 9G. The informal survey was conducted Sat., Jan. 21, at the conclusion of the final public vision meeting held by the town's Comprehensive Plan Review Committee. Residents in attendance also rated the Palatine Park Road redevelopment as Germantown's greatest opportunity, and the character of new development as its greatest threat. The town will conduct a formal survey of all residents as part of the Comprehensive Plan review process. Participants in the poll Saturday also found the town's diverse economy to be a strength; health services were cited as a weakness; and, the loss of town land as a threat. The Review Committee will continue to meet twice a month, and all updates will be posted at the town website. A draft of the plan will be eventually be presented at a public hearing, and the revised draft handed over to the Town Board thereafter. The Town Board will hold its own public hearing on the document before adoption of the revised plan is considered. Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.