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Media Management in a Digital Universe at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy

Mar 10, 2010 7:16 pm
1-5 p.m. Sunday, March 14 workshop at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy.

Independent media creation is flourishing with the proliferation of affordable cameras and recorders. The ability to digitally shoot and store more material than was feasible in an analog model has been a boon, but it has also produced greater amounts of material to organize and manage, as well as engendering new sets of concerns regarding the persistence of media collections.

David Rice, a consultant on a wide range of preservation topics, has years of experience as an archivist with media organizations and in developing recommendations for metadata standards. He will be giving practical training on the management and maintenance of digital media through best practices and the nuts-and-bolts uses of metadata that will help you better organize, access, re-use, and preserve your materials.

This workshop covers four key areas:

Creating Digital Materials: Whether you’re digitizing audio or video from tapes or migrating born-digital media, the settings, software, hardware, and other options available as part of the process have a definite effect on the long-term quality and ability to access your work. Luckily there are a number of best practice standards for creating digital media that can be applied whether you’re using a high-end editing bay or the many open source and affordable solutions out there.

Asset Management: Systems for digital asset management offer lots of promise but not always adequate results for the many specific needs of production and maintenance of audiovisual materials. Learn what you need to be aware of when deciding how to manage your files and what kind of cost-effective options are available.

Metadata Matters: In the midst of a project we’ve all had the experience of saving and documenting files in whatever seems like the quickest, most convenient manner at the moment, only to try and return to them 6 months later and spend too much frustrated time searching for them on the hard drive or trying to determine which file is the correct version. Find out how consistent application of metadata practices can help you manage your files as well as better re-use, share, distribute, and monitor them for quality.

"Digital formats and materials are inherently fragile and any strategy that can help you access and preserve them for future use is essential. Media management is a basic necessity for anyone working in a digital environment," says Jeanne M. Keefe, who took last season's digital archiving workshop. Keefe is Media & Digital Assets Librarian at RPI.

You can find out more about workshop leader David Rice and his work at www.avPreserve.com.

Workshop details

$40. Advance registration required. Contact workshop - at - mediasanctuary.org or call (518) 272-2390 for more information.

More about our Spring 2010 "Be The Media" Workshop Series:

Our "Be The Media" workshop series provides local artists, producers, and citizen journalists with opportunities to acquire and improve the skills necessary for successful and powerful independent media-making. We offer an interdisciplinary approach to diverse media arts practices with new technologies, with core focus on creative practice and artistry.

Scholarships are available. We recognize that while this is a pretty good deal for a media workshop, not everyone can afford it. We highly value having a diverse group of workshop participants, and we encourage anyone who is interested in attending, but unable to pay the fee, to apply for a scholarship. Do you know someone who could use a scholarship?

The Be The Media! workshop series is presented with the Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center and funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.

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