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Public hearing on Blackthorne expansion continues

Mar 04, 2021 1:00 pm

Sarah Trafton is reporting for Columbia-Greene Media the public hearing on the proposed Blackthorne Resort campsite expansion in Durham will continue March 9. The Blackthorne hopes to add 30 campsites to the property. The site plan has been under review by the town board since December and the public hearing, which began on February 2, remains open. Nearby residents asked questions and voiced concerns about the project at the first public hearing in February. Neighbor Tom Lillis said he takes issue with people on ATVs trespassing on his property. He asked how the issue will be addressed with more campsites and more guests. Patrick Prendergast, the engineer representing Blackthorne, said he would speak to the owners about security. At a subsequent meeting, Town Supervisor Shawn Marriott said ATVs are not permitted at the resort and advised that all complaints about ATVs be reported to law enforcement. Neighbor Anais Peczek said she had privacy concerns, that with the new sites located so close to her property, it would mean lifestyle changes for her family and other residents. “There are kids and guests in the road and it has become a safety issue,” she added. Marriott also indicated he had spoken with the owners about putting up a foliage barrier to help. In response to concerns about an increase in traffic, Marriott said there are no plans to expand the existing road. Local businesses, including Gavin’s Irish Country Inn, McGrath’s Edgewood Falls, Lawyer’s General Store and Michael Dee’s Motel and Country Campsites voiced support for the Blackthorne proposal. Other concerns mentioned during the hearing include worries about the impact on Bowery Creek, and fire safety at the resort. Read the full story at HudsonValley360 [dot] com.