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State Supreme Court judge rules against DA

Aug 06, 2013 5:59 am
Nathan Mayberg reports in the Register Star a state Supreme Court Judge has ruled against an effort by Columbia County District Attorney Paul Czajka (CHAI-kah) to obtain digital recordings from the courtroom of Kinderhook Judge David Dellehunt (DELLA-hunt). Dellehunt argued some of the recordings may contain privileged or protected information and that asking for full recordings amounted to a fishing expedition. The matter was dismissed on procedural grounds. The case is the latest legal feud between Czajka and Dellehunt. In September, Czajka sought to have Dellehunt removed from handling any cases involving the District Attorney’s Office over allegations that Dellehunt once made negative statements about Czajka at a Democratic caucus in 2004. Dellehunt also challenged Czajka's authority to dismiss cases. The dispute resulted in delays and a decision by Czajka to prohibit prosecutors from appearing in front of Dellehunt for a a time. Read the full story in the Register Star.