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Ancram increases effort to stop speeding drivers

Oct 06, 2020 5:45 am
Diane Valden is reporting for The Columbia Paper at its September 17 meeting, the Ancram Town Board heard an in-depth analysis of the town’s traffic safety situation from board member Hugh Clark. Clark spent 30 years as a military police officer and a police commissioner in a former life. He discussed who the law breakers are and if their law-breaking is real or just perceived. He mentioned the possible deterrents brought about by being stopped for speeding such as the loss of time, especially for truckers, fees incurred, hikes in insurance rates, the inconvenience or embarrassment of going to court and points accruing on one’s license. He said drivers must learn that “Ancram enforces its traffic laws” and “Ancram doesn’t tolerate speeding.” Clark denied that stop signs reduce speeding. “Stop signs are not intended as a speed control device, they are supposed to convey right of way,” he said. In addition to the town’s radar speed signs which have produced good results, Clark mentioned other tactics such as rumble strips, speed humps and tables. He said residents could put up lawn signs, that with the right message have been shown to reduce speeds by 6 mph. A sign might read, “Obey the sign or pay the fine,” he said. At the meeting, the board agreed to purchase an additional two radar speed signs at a total cost of $5,000. The new signs will be mounted on permanent steel posts and stay out through the winter. The Ancram Town Board will next meet on October 15, beginning with a public hearing on the 2021 preliminary budget proposal at 6:45 p.m. Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.