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Radio News: The last of the New York City phone booths

May 24, 2022 11:33 pm

Jo Constantz claims at Bloomberg that New York City removed its last freestanding public pay phone from city sidewalks on May 23, moving it into the Museum of the City of New York exhibit, “Analog City.” The phone booths, at many locations, are being replaced with digital Wi-Fi kiosks. “Truly the end of an era but also, hopefully, the start of a new one with more equity in technology access,” Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine Tweeted. The digital kiosks include free phone-call capabilities, interactive maps, and USB charging stations. While New York City may be removing all of its pay phones, they are still on sidewalks elsewhere. Right on the sidewalk on N. 4th Street in Hudson across from the WGXC studio, there is a pay phone.