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Roxbury community station sold

Nov 23, 2013 12:02 am
Lissa Harris in The Watershed Post reports that Roxbury-based community radio station WIOX, a full-power FM station at broadcasting on 91.3 since its start in 2010, is merging with WSKG, a larger public radio and TV corporation in Binghamton. Since April WIOX has broadcast some WSKG programming. In September, the Roxbury town board passed a resolution to transfer WIOX's broadcast license to WSKG, subject to approval by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). "The radio station's FM broadcasting license will be sold by the town of Roxbury to WSKG for the sum of one dollar, plus a commitment to maintain a local radio station for the next three years," according to the Watershed Post. Station manager Joe Piasek remains at WIOX, and said that WSKG is planning to make investments in the Roxbury station's infrastructure, as the antenna is currently hung on a town building, rather on a tall mast. WSKG reaches 21 counties in New York and Pennsylviania through nine radio frequencies and nine public TV channels. Read the full story in The WaterShed Post.