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Democrats demand details of McLaughlin's trip to Costa Rica

Mar 29, 2019 1:15 pm
Kenneth C. Crowe II is reporting for the Times Union the Rensselaer County Legislature Democrats are demanding that County Executive Steve McLaughlin explain why he took a trip to Costa Rica last week paid for by a county agency. The six representatives are calling for Republican McLaughlin to provide details of the trip’s purpose; the names and titles of the members of the trip’s entourage and why were they selected and by whom; the IDA’s funding and accounting for the trip expenses; what other county funds may have been used; “what outcomes and tangible deliverables” county residents can expect directly from the trip; and what the benefits would be for Hudson Valley Community College. McLaughlin traveled with officials from both Hudson Valley and the state University at Albany. Minority Leader Peter Grimm of Troy said of the query, "Our constituents want to know." McLaughlin's spokesperson Richard Crist said March 28, the executive's office, "...will be happy to provide information on this successful trip to strengthen economic and educational opportunities involving Rensselaer County, Hudson Valley Community College and the University at Albany with business and educational leaders in the coming days.” IDA Executive Director Robert Pasinella said the trip was taken in an effort to attract more students to attend Hudson Valley. Read the full story in the Times Union.