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County IDA considers PILOT for Northeast Treaters

Jan 21, 2016 6:45 am

Katie Kocijanski is reporting in The Daily Mail the proposal to modernize the Northeast Treaters factory was presented at a public hearing, Tue., Jan. 19, at the Edward J. Arthur Elementary School in Athens. The manufacturer of pressure treated lumber is asking the `Greene County Industrial Development Agency to provide a tax break in the form of a seven-year PILOT program for its rebuild. Agency Executive Director Rene Van Schaack said the plant renovation was designed in a way to be the least harmful, and most beneficial to the town. “The IDA will not be making any money off of this project,” Van Schaack said. He said the agency has waived the application fee and is asking only that its legal fees be paid. The company plans to build new structures at its Schoharie Turnpike location, replace old manufacturing equipment and acquire 19 additional acres of land. A brownfield cleanup program facilitated by the Department of Environmental Conservation is also included in the proposal. During the public hearing, former Athens Town Supervisor Lawrence Palmateer said he did not understand how the project would benefit the town of Athens, and said he did not believe the factory deserved a tax break. The IDA Board of Directors meets Thursday morning to consider the input from the public hearing. Read the full story in The Daily Mail.