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Hudson Housing Authority needs a new executive director again

Jan 11, 2022 2:02 pm

Jeanette Wolfberg reports for The Columbia Paper that the Hudson Housing Authority again needs a new executive director. In late October, the Hudson Housing Authority’s seven-member Board of Commissioners hired Nick Zachos, the former head of Hudson’s Youth Department, and Aiesha Davie as interim co-executive directors. But Davie only lasted about a week and a half, Mr. before deciding to quit, and Zachos now says he is leaving April 1. “I’ve been impressed by the way the staff has operated in the absence of a director,” Zachos said after being hired. Zachos outlined what issues the next executive director will face, saying both that he hears about most from HHA tenants about security and pest management, and also that over 75 percent of what he hears could relate to some aspect of mental health. The story does not give a timeline on when a new executive director might be hired. Read more about this story in The Columbia Paper.