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Schumer supports state's aggressive climate bill

May 22, 2019 12:45 pm
Marie J. French is reporting for Politico New York Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer told state lawmakers he supports the Climate and Community Protection Act, a measure targeting zero emissions in New York by 2050. The act requires investment in low-income and minority communities, as well. Schumer says the legislation would be “the most robust climate policy package passed by any state in the country.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said that he agrees with the ultimate goal of zero emissions but wants a detailed plan before setting a hard deadline. If Cuomo and Democratic lawmakers are unable to come to agreement on a climate measure this session, it would be a major disappointment for environmentalists who hoped one-party control of the Legislature would yield real results. Democrats have formed their own group to offer changes to the act. The Cuomo administration has balked at the requirement in the proposed legislation that 40 percent of all money collected for clean energy be spent in “disadvantaged communities.” Results are more important than spending targets, said Dale Bryk, Cuomo's deputy secretary for energy and the environment. But for supporters of the CCPA, ensuring most of the money the state spends on clean energy is allocated to communities facing the biggest threats from climate change and pollution is key to a “just” transition. Read the full story at Politico New York.