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Housing coalition offers to pay back rent for HHA tenants

Feb 20, 2022 1:45 am

Jeanette Wolfberg is reporting for The Columbia Paper that the Hudson Catskill Housing Coalition has offered to pay the back rents of Hudson Housing Authority tenants. The offer was made in an email to HHA officials on February 9 and in their regular monthly video conference February 10. The Housing Authority runs the 125-unit Bliss Tower building and the 15-unit Columbia Apartments, all located in Hudson's Second Ward. The Hudson Catskill Housing Coalition defines itself as a black-led initiative that empowers public housing and low-income tenants to fight for housing justice. Housing Authority Board Vice-Chair Claire Cousin is also the executive director of the HCHC Board and county supervisor representing the city’s First Ward. The offer from the coalition was triggered by the expiration of New York's eviction moratorium on January 15. And, said the coalition's Senior Policy Advisor Quintin Cross, “public housing tenants are at the bottom of priority for Emergency Rental Assistance Program support.” The February 9 email was sent to the six members of the Housing Authority board and to its interim executive director, Nick Zachos. Zachos called the offer “Amazing! An incredible thing for a lot of folks! ...” Cross said the coalition does not know the number of people behind on their rent. The amount of money was under “discussion.” The offer is only for people who live in Bliss or the Columbia Apartments. Read more in The Columbia Paper.