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NYU accidentally announces professor wins prize

Oct 07, 2016 12:02 am

David Kinara is reporting at Politico New York New York University accidentally posted a draft news release online announcing that Paul Romer, one of university's business professors, was the winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for economics. This year's winner has not yet been announced and Romer has not received the prize. The statement says Romer, the “2016 Nobel Laureate in Economics,” will take part in a press conference on Mon., Oct. 10, the same day the Nobel committee is scheduled to announce the recipient of the annual award. NYU said Thu., Oct. 6, it does not know who will win the prize this year, and has no special insight into the committee’s thinking. The Stern School of Business issued a statement that read in part, “We are deeply distressed that a draft test web page, not officially linked to our website, unintentionally became viewable on the web. We are deeply sorry that these routine preparations may appear presumptuous, and we apologize to all concerned.” Romer, who is known for his work on cities and economic growth, was named chief economist of the World Bank in July. Read the full story at Politico New York.