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Cuomo staff conducting 'parallel review' of sexual harassment, assault claims

Mar 18, 2021 6:33 am
Brendan J. Lyons reports in the Times Union that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is facing several investigations, including by the New York Attorney General and the state legislature. Now he is also investigating himself. Senior aides to Cuomo said they are conducting their own "parallel review" of a female aide's recent account of being groped by the governor at the Executive Mansion late last year. "We have our own inquiries ongoing," an anonymous senior aide to the governor told the Times Union. "We have an obligation to investigate any claim of sexual harassment. And we, after reporting (the female aide's allegations) to the (attorney general), were directed to continue our own inquiry. … So there are multiple inquiries." The attorney for the woman who accused Cuomo of groping her said, "It's absurd. Why would you be doing that?... It's not appropriate, and obviously we're concerned with the ramifications and the effect on witnesses and the quest for the truth." Marc Molinaro, the Republican Dutchess County Executive who ran against Cuomo in 2018 wrote on Twitter, "This is clear effort to interfere with the Attorney General’s investigation, intimidate witnesses and victims. The time for an internal “review” was when the complaints were first made... this is obstruction." Meanwhile, other Cuomo staffers were recently told they could be provided an attorney to accompany them to an interview by the attorney general's investigators. Executive Chamber staffers were also told that an attorney could consult with them ahead of those interviews. "It was also explicitly said that you can hire your own attorney if you don’t want to use (the attorneys retained by the governor's office)," another anonymous senior administration official told the newspaper. Read more about this story in the Times Union.