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Audio Feature: WGXC Congressional Report

Nov 26, 2023 6:03 pm

Here is this week's WGXC Congressional Report, tracking the votes, statements, positions, and campaigns of the representatives and candidates for the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st Congressional seats in New York. Democrat Pat Ryan is representing the 18th Congressional District, Republican Marc Molinaro represents the 19th Congressional District, Democrat Rep. Paul Tonko represents the 20th District, and Republican Elise Stefanik represents the 21st District. Click here to listen to this report.

Katherine Doyle reports at NBC News that Rep Elise Stefanik is again working for former President Donald Trump, filing new documents to her judicial ethics complaint against the judge overseeing Trump's civil fraud trial in New York. She amended her complaint by attaching the mistrial motion filed by Trump's attorneys accusing Judge Arthur Engoron of bias. Engoron ruled against the motion. On Nov. 17 Stefanik said that motion was “wrongly denied” and that “A week ago, I filed an ethics complaint against Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron for his partisan antics, bias, and railroading of President Trump.... After my complaint, a New York appellate court smacked down Judge Engoron for his blatantly unconstitutional gag order. Today, I’m supplementing my ethics complaint against Judge Engoron with examples of even more of his egregious misconduct after he just wrongly dismissed President Trump’s motion for a mistrial.” Engoron said the arguments Trump's lawyers made in the motion were “utterly without merit.” Engoron is presiding over a $250 million civil lawsuit about fraud in the former president's business. He has already ruled that the fraud existed, and is now deciding how much to fine Trump and his business. Read more about this story at NBC News.

Mid-Hudson News reports that Rep. Pat Ryan announced legislation to lower the price of prescription drugs in Poughkeepsie Nov. 21. Ryan's “Stopping Pharma’s Ripoffs and Drug Savings For All Act” would make less-costly, generic alternatives easier to produce. Ryan said, “For too long, Big Pharma has been allowed to game the system, rake in record profits, and rip off hard-working Hudson Valley families. I’m pushing relentlessly to finally hold Big Pharma accountable and lower the cost of prescription drugs.... This bipartisan legislation holds Big Pharma accountable and lowers drug prices,” Ryan said. “It lowers drug costs across the board and generations.” While Ryan, a Democrat, claims the proposal is bipartisan, the story does not name any Republican co-sponsors, and an internet search for the bill's name only found a few results, all related to Ryan. Currently Republicans control the House of Representatives, so Ryan needs Republican support to pass the measure. Read more about this story in Mid-Hudson News.