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Audio Feature: July 31 Water Walk for Life event

Aug 01, 2017 5:00 am
Click here to download or play the recording by Sam Sebren of the Water Walk for Life potluck supper held in New Baltimore, Mon., Jul. 31 (33:35).

Mon., Jul. 31, was day 10 of the Water Walk for Life, a 13-day, 170-mile walk to raise awareness about the proposed Pilgrim Pipelines project, and the importance of protecting clean water in communities along the Hudson River. The walk is being led by Japanese Buddhist nun, Jun Yasuda, known as Jun-San, from the Grafton Peace Pagoda. The group of 15 walkers were joined by local supporters throughout the day during the walk from Catskill to New Baltimore. The walk began July 22 at the Ramapough Lenape Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp in Mahwah, NJ. It will continue for three more days until the group reaches Troy. A final ceremony will be held Sat., Aug. 5, at the Grafton Peace Pagoda. Information about the walk is available at graftonpeacepagoda.org. Organizer Jim Suriano can be reached at (518) 542-4543.

Opening prayer chants
1:31 Jun-San speaks about origins of this walk, walking for water.
3:04  Jun-San introduces Unitarian Minister Phil Schulman, who speaks about his reasons for doing 30 years of peace walks.
13:34 Sam Sebren speaks about the importance of visibility to raise awareness.
14:48 Roger Downs explains the source of the oil for proposed Pilgrim Pipelines and the increased risks to waterways by fossil fuel transport in the Hudson Valley; history of permitting in New York.
21:44 Downs speaks about the impacts of of the pipelines on cultural heritage, environment, future land use and climate change.
24:41 Downs on successful resistance to the pipelines and continuing public protests 25:40 Jun-San on where they stay on walks.
27:32 Liz LoGiudice on continuing to protect the Hudson River and water sources.
29:50 Water Walk organizer Jim Suriano on the next day course on U.S. Route 9W to Bethlehem.
30:52 Traditional Haudenosaunee water prayer song, sung by walk organizers Megan McLean and Suriano.
32:21 Suriano makes connection between local water protecting issues with recent similar problems in Okinawa, Japan.