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Storm-damaged Durham road to stay closed 10 more days

Nov 01, 2021 5:30 am

Andrea Macko is reporting for Porcupine Soup a portion of Hervey Street in Durham will remain closed for at least another 10 days after heavy rains destroyed part of the roadway last week, according to Durham Town Supervisor Shawn Marriott. “Two eight-foot round culvert pipes became clogged with debris during the storm,” Marriott said. “The water has to go somewhere, so it eroded the earth above, below and around the pipes until the road gave way,” he added. The section of the road that is closed is between Sherwood Forest Road and Golden Hill Road where Cornwallville Creek runs underneath. Marriott said the town highway department is working hard to get the road reopened as quickly as possible. “Much like many other supplies, culvert pipes are back-ordered and difficult to obtain,” Marriott said. “Durham has waited upwards of six months for culverts to become available for other projects.” He said the Greene County Highway Department has loaned Durham two used culvert pipes, which will allow the town to get the road reopened much sooner. “Next spring, we will look to remove the used culverts and install an upgraded system to attempt to keep this issue from happening again," he said. The preliminary price tag for the repairs is $175,000. Read the full story at porcupinesoup [dot] com.