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Study links human influence to super-hot days

Apr 28, 2015 6:45 am
The Associated Press is reporting a new study links three out of four, or 75 percent of very hot days to humanity's impact on the environment. And as climate change worsens around mid-century, that percentage of extremely hot days being caused by man-made greenhouse gases will exceed 95 percent, according to the report published Mon., Apr. 27, in the journal Nature Climate Change. The Swiss scientists who conducted the study examined just the hottest of hot days, the hottest one-tenth of 1 percent. Then using 25 different computer models. they simulated a world without human-caused greenhouse gas emissions and found those hot days happened once every three years. Half a dozen outside scientists praised the study as valid, elegant and important. “This new study helps get the actual probability or odds of human influence,” said University of Arizona climate scientist Jonathan Overpeck. And once that percentage of impact can be attributed to human influence, it becomes easier for governments to put a price on carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to control global warming, said Duke University climate scientist Drew Shindell. Read the full story in the Daily Freeman.