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Galvan Foundation proposing trade with city, 400 State St. for an empty lot

Feb 03, 2021 6:00 am

Aliya Schneider is reporting for Columbia-Greene Media the Galvan Foundation has offered a real estate trade to the city of Hudson. In exchange for the former Hudson Area Library, located at 400 State Street, and a $1 million development grant, the foundation is asking for the city-owned parking lot at Washington and N. Seventh streets. Under the proposal city offices, currently located at 520 Warren Street, would be moved to the historic former almshouse, located just across the street from the Columbia County office building. The building's assessed value is $655,000. Plans for the State Street building would make it fully ADA compliant, said Dan Kent, Galvan Foundation’s vice president of initiatives. Kent estimates the renovation would take at least 12 months to complete, costing an estimated $2,758,070. Galvan would provide the construction drawings and environmental reports, as well as a $1 million grant to the city. Mayor Kamal Johnson said the proposal presents a more advantageous financial option for the city than renovating the 520 Warren building; Johnson also said he is wary of the city relinquishing ownership of the Washington Street lot, saying his preference would be to lease the 2.4-acre parcel. The lot has an assessed value of $91,500. It is currently being used for overflow parking and as a dumpsite for snow. “If ... [Galvan] would still be willing to gift the city that property [at 400 State Street] and sign onto a long-term lease, as well as possibly develop the property into a parking lot, I think that’s the best-case scenario for the city,” Johnson said. “We’re getting a lot out of it.” Note: Johnson is a WGXC volunteer on-air programmer. Read the full story at HudsonValley360 [dot] com.