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Haverly family receives presidential letter of condolence

Jun 20, 2017 12:05 am

Daniel Zuckerman is reporting in The Daily Mail President Donald Trump has honored the late Kevin Haverly of Greenville in a letter shared on social media Sat., Jun. 17. Haverly was a Greene County sheriff's deputy and died at the age of 26, in car accident while on patrol in February. Trump's letter, dated June 8, was addressed to Haverly's family, and was shared on Facebook by his fiancé, Dawn DeBenedetti. “While no words can possibly console your family at this sorrowful time, I pray that you are strengthened by the memory of Kevin’s enduring spirit and steadfast courage,” Trump wrote. “He will forever be remembered for his commitment to protecting and serving the American people.” Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley said, “To have something like this happen and to have the president send this to the family is overwhelming and justifiable. It’s an absolute honor....To have our president honor law enforcement, especially in tragedies like that, is amazing.” Read the full story in The Daily Mail.