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Walgreen's to move into Rite Aid building

Oct 01, 2018 1:00 pm
Bill Williams is reporting for WCTW-FM, or "The Cat," on the latest big-box retail store location swap in Greenport. The future of local Rite Aid stores has largely been unknown since the acquisition of the company by Walgreens in September 2017. Now comes word that Walgreen's will move its Greenport store across the street from its current location, into the building now occupied by Rite Aid, at 173 Fairview Avenue. According to Williams, this will happen after Rite Aid is shuttered, and Walgreens will close its current location. A factor in making the move: at its current spot Walgreen's cannot sell alcohol, while the Rite Aid can, thanks to special zoning. Walgreens is the second-largest drug-store chain in the nation, behind CVS. The company has not yet disclosed any plans for its abandoned 14,000-square-foot Catskill location after the contents were cleared out and liquidated on August 11. Read the full story at 985thecat [dot] iheart [dot] com.