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Molinaro considering running against Cuomo or Delgado

Mar 10, 2021 2:55 pm
Robert Harding reports for Auburn Publications that Republican Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro may challenge Democrats Gov. Andrew Cuomo or Rep. Antonio Delgado in 2022 elections. "These last 12 months have made it perfectly clear that we have had a lot of talk from a lot of politicians," Molinaro said. "We've got bullies. We've had tyrants. We've had lazy folks who don't necessarily want to do much more than collect their government paycheck as elected officials." Cuomo has been called a bully and a tyrant by others before, but rarely lazy. Delgado, an African-American, is known to be hard-working, holding over 50 town hall meetings. But "lazy" is a term that white politicians have assigned to black people for centuries. Molinaro lost by 23 points in his 2018 attempt to unseat Cuomo. Molinaro says he was approached to run against Delgado in 2020, but declined. "I just think that we need real competence, real compassion and real serious people who will help us learn from what we've experienced, but also ask the question: What's next? How do we take on this challenge that we have? How do we confront the opportunities ahead of us? What do we do next? And what we do next will define us," Molinaro said. Molinaro was a state Assemblyperson before being elected county executive in 2011. Read more about this story in Auburn Publications.