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Election consolidation, out-of-state sales tax to pay for early voting

Jan 18, 2019 12:11 am
Nick Reisman reports at New York State of Politics that Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office explained Jan. 17 that the early voting proposal he is backing is not an unfunded mandate. Cuomo says the state will save $25 million by consolidating the federal and state primary elections from September and June to just one June date. Revenue from sales taxes on internet purchases from out-of-state retailers, Cuomo's office said, will cover another $390 million in early voting costs. Voting is run by county governments, so it would need to be disbursed. The State Senate and Assembly have passed early voting legislation, which is now waiting for Cuomo's signature. “This year, Governor Cuomo proposed a comprehensive set of reforms to improve our democracy, including making Election Day a State holiday, synchronizing federal and state elections, and enacting voting by mail, same day and auto registration, and early voting.” said Dani Lever, the governor’s communications director. Read the full story at New York State of Politics.