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Court begins process of redrawing Assembly district lines

Jul 06, 2022 12:45 am

Vaughn Golden is reporting for WSKG-TV after a New York appellate court invalidated the lines for the state Assembly districts last month, a lower court is now moving forward with drawing new boundaries in preparation for the 2024 elections. However, the judge overseeing the matter has not decided on an exact process for doing so. In an order last week, Judge Laurence Love directed the attorneys who brought the original case challenging the Assembly lines to submit briefs on how to proceed. Aaron Foldenauer, an attorney for one of the petitioners, said one option available is to engage the services of a special master, as was done when the maps for congressional and state Senate districts were redrawn earlier this year. “Or there are other options to the court and we’ll be going through that in detail with the court in the next month or two,” Foldenauer said. In the same order, the judge cited a section of law suggesting the court may consider trying to revive the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission. To that, Foldenauer said, “... I do see a lot of practical problems as far as trying to get the IRC together again. I’m not even sure that the commission can be forced to reconvene or to work.” The judge is asking the attorneys to submit briefs on the issue by August 8. How the process will move forward from there is unclear. Read more at wskg [dot] org.