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Radio News: Net neutrality goes down June 11

May 10, 2018 10:50 pm
Ars Technica reports that June 11 will mark the end of net neutrality in the United States, with the repeal six months after the Federal Communication Commission's 3-2 vote on party lines. The day after that December vote FCC Chair Ajit Pai argued on Fox News that net neutrality supporters were wrong since ISPs didn't start immediately blocking and throttling websites after the vote. He said that even though he knew the rules did not immediately take effect. Now the FCC has less oversight with broadband policy, and the Federal Trade Commission, ill-equipped, takes over some of their responsibility for regulating the internet. "This is profoundly disappointing," Jessica Rosenworcel, one of the minority Democrats on the FCC now said, "The agency failed to listen to the American public and gave short shrift to their deeply held belief that Internet openness should remain the law of the land. The agency turned a blind eye to serious problems in its process—from Russian intervention to fake comments to stolen identities in its files."