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Group organized to fight Ancram development

Feb 16, 2022 12:45 am

A group of Ancram residents, organized as Rural Ancram, announced last week they have been meeting since November to discuss the scale, scope and potential impact of the proposed Iron Star resort, a development on 147 acres of farmland adjacent to the Ancram hamlet. A draft plan of the project has been submitted to the Ancram Planning Board. Many of the details have yet to be disclosed, including the number and size of structures, financial stability, economic implications, lighting, water usage, waste, fire and police needs, and environmental impacts. Rural Ancram is an organization with a 300-plus online community and a website. The group's mission is to "gather, analyze, and disseminate information on Iron Star and provide the public with details about the resort." The Iron Star developer's plan calls for the construction of cottages, recreational facilities, a full-service hotel, and a restaurant. “Iron Star is far too big for our rural, agricultural town and in direct contradiction of our 2019 Comprehensive Plan,” said resident Mark DeGarmo. “Ninety-two percent of residents approved the plan, which is the basis for Ancram’s Zoning Law.” Rural Ancram asserts that "Iron Star threatens the town’s history, agricultural economy, rural aesthetic, and quality of life." The planning board is taking public comments in person, via Zoom at public meetings, by mail, or by email (with comments attached as a separate document). Information is available at rural [hyphen] ancram [dot] org.