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Protest calls for Bartlett to resign, justice for Handy

Aug 10, 2020 6:33 am
Bill Williams is reporting for Columbia-Greene Media approximately 35 people assembled in Kinderhook Village Square the morning of August 8, to call for Columbia County Sheriff David Bartlett to resign. Bartlett later declined to comment about the event. The group held signs that said “Justice for Harold” and “It’s Time for Bartlett to Resign” during the peaceful protest on the corner of Broad and Hudson streets. Drivers passing by honked their horns in support of the group. Trisha Arlene posted a brief video of the demonstration on Facebook, and here is an excerpt. CLICK HERE TO PLAY EXCERPT FROM THE PROTEST. Protesters expressed anger and frustration with the Sheriff's Department's handling of the investigation into the alleged assault of Harold Handy over the July 4th weekend at the home of local business owner Alex Rosenstrach and his wife, Deputy Sheriff Kelly Briscoe Rosenstrach. State police assumed control of the investigation this week at the request of Columbia County District Attorney Paul Czajka, one month after Handy was beaten. The district attorney’s office requested that state police handle the investigation given “the totality of the circumstances,” Czajka said. If an arrest is made, the Columbia County District Attorney's Office would prosecute; the state attorney general’s office declined to take the case. Read the full story at HudsonValley360 [dot] com.