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Coeymans concert series will likely not happen

Jun 02, 2022 12:30 am

Melanie Lekocevic is reporting for Capital Region Independent Media that the Coeymans planning and zoning board of appeals on June 1 granted an appeal filed by Town Supervisor George McHugh over a proposed series of music events at Magic Forest Farm. The board’s decision likely means the full concert series will not take place, but the farm’s operator is hoping to stage one of the events slated to take place in August with 250 people booked to attend. McHugh filed the appeal on April 12, requesting that the property owner be required to apply for a use variance rather than a special-use permit for the full series, which would include on-site camping at the farm located on Bucks Ranch Road. The farm’s operator, Jason Ball, and property owner, Joan Mahony, had applied to the town for a special-use permit to hold five concerts beginning in mid-June and continuing through October. This is the first time the farm owner and operator have applied to the planning and zoning board of appeals for a special-use permit for such an event. Ball asked if they would be allowed to hold the smallest concert. “The big guys, they are able to go and get another venue easily, but the 250-person event where it’s the band throwing it, it’s very difficult for them and they will be out $5,000 or $6,000,” Ball said. “I am asking if I move forward with one event and abide by the sound ordinance, do I pay a fine or will the event be shut down? What can I do to proceed with one August event?” The town attorney and code enforcement officer agreed to meet with Ball and Mahony to review the code and see what would be permissible under town law. Read more at TheUpStater [dot] com.