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Skoufis suggests corruption in IDA boards

Sep 07, 2021 12:48 pm

Mid-Hudson News reports that a bill that would prohibit elected officials from serving on the boards of industrial development agencies failed this year in the state legislature. State Senator James Skoufis, a Democrat, sponsored the measure, which was approved in the Senate, did not win approval in the Assembly. “I won’t name names, but you can read between the lines. You had elected officials that served on the Orange County IDA board and many other IDA boards for many years. They will give out all these tax breaks, all these PILOTS, some of which are warranted and some of which are unwarranted, and then they run for higher office, and then the Rolodex comes out and they call up all these folks,” he said. Skoufis also suggested that some elected officials who serve on IDA boards get campaign contributions from those getting tax relief. Read more about this story at Mid-Hudson News.