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HHA requesting additional police patrols

Jun 26, 2018 7:30 am
Jeanette Wolfberg is reporting for The Columbia Paper negotiations are underway between the Hudson Housing Authority and the Hudson Police Department for “above baseline service.” The grounds of Bliss Tower on North Second Street are a part of routine police rounds, but there has been interest expressed for additional patrols. And because those additional patrols would require officers to work overtime, the Housing Authority would have to foot the bill. “We’re relying on the tenants as to where and when” the extra patrols will happen, said board Chairman Alan Weaver. HHA Executive Director Tim Mattice said the purpose of paying for more police time would be “to control the crime that’s in the building.” Board member Anthony Pastel, a former public defender now in private practice, said that stigmatizing Bliss is unfair. “This is a wonderful place! There’s a quiet minority victimized by a raucous element. Most crime is done by non-residents.” The police, he said, should come for “relationship building” and deterrence. Tenants have requested that extra police patrols be present three times a week, Tenant Commissioner Mary Decker announced. She prefers Friday through Sunday during the evening. And, she stated, “What we do not want is a security guard.” Read the full story in The Columbia Paper.