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Group challenges Hudson's voting system

Jun 15, 2016 12:04 am
A group called "Fair & Equal" are calling for Hudson to end its weighted vote system, with a June 23 meeting at the Hudson Area Library. "Hudson is the only American city that assigns residents vastly different levels of representation in their local government, based on where they live," said Don Moore, the city's curreent Third Ware Supervisor, and a former Common Council president. Hudson's complicated voting system has five wards, with two alderpeople from each ward representing citizens in the Common Council. Votes by representatives are weighted by population and a complicated mathematical algorithm. To pass a law, it might take four, or eight, votes, depending on which wards those votes come from. This group proposes a "one person, one vote" rule that is much easier to understand. The June 23 meeting of the group is at 6 p.m.