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Cuomo does not show, while other candidates debate

Nov 02, 2018 12:34 am
Emily Burkhard reports for WNYT television in Albany that Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not show for the final gubernatorial debate Nov. 1 before the election. The League of Women Voters, who sponsored the event, said Cuomo didn't tell organizers he wasn't coming until two days before the debate. Instead, Republican candidate Marc Molinaro, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins and Independent candidates Stephanie Miner and Larry Sharpe discussed issues important to the state. "One thousand eight hundred and thirty seven bridges are structurally deficient that’s a $67 billion bill right there,” Hawkins said on the subject of infrastructure. “I’m sorry the MTA needs money that’s what other governors have done, they pull it out, Cuomo pulls it out for a ski resort and the MTA is crumbling." Molinaro talked about corruption, after many high-level officials and representatives have been arrested the past few years. "Today after eight years of the 'status Cuomo,' we have the highest taxed state and we shoulder the highest burden of property taxes of any people in the country we have the most corrupt state government by any measurements and we are stealing and defrauding taxpayers,” Molinaro said. Miner also had a problem with rampant corruption in the state capitol. “I will also close the political anonymous LLC contributions and stop the dark money and the pay to play economic development and I will rebuild our states infrastructure and I will bring open an accountable transparent government to Albany,” Miner said. Sharpe made a case for himself as an alternative. “The Democrats have been failing for the past 16 years, Republicans have been watching for 16 years and they have no plans,” Sharpe said. “Democrats have no plan, Republicans have no plan. You heard nothing but plans from me…You don't like my ideas, no worries, help me fix them, I need you. I don't have a party, I have you. You stay with me we can make a real change in this state." Cuomo was at an airport in Syracuse Nov. 1. The entire debate was livestreamed on the League of Women Voters Twitter feed, Facebook, and YouTube pages. Read the full story at the WNYT website.
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