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Group sees Stewart's potential as regional cargo hub

Jan 27, 2020 2:30 pm
MidHudsonNews [dot] com is reporting Stewart International Airport is destined to be the "cargo hub of the Northeast," according to a report from the think tank Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress. The group's president, Jonathan Drapkin, said the cargo hub would be designed with the future of freight logistics in mind, a facility that is more automated, computerized, and utilize new technology for the movement of cargo. “There will be less jobs, but the jobs will pay a higher wage and if you cluster them around Stewart Airport, you shouldn’t have as much animosity from neighbors. It will also lead to, if there are more flights, other jobs such as mechanics and people that work on the planes,” Drapkin said. The Newburgh-based non-profit also envisions a job training center, a shuttle service into Middletown and Newburgh for employees, as well as on-site workforce housing. Read the full story at MidHudsonNews [dot] com.