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Several candidates challenging Tonko in primary

Jan 20, 2022 1:23 pm
So far at least five candidates have announced they want to replace Rep. Paul Tonko in whatever ends up being the 20th Congressional District. Right now that includes all of Albany County, and much of the Capital District, but redistricting may not be resolved for weeks, so speculation on an election without a defined district is difficult. But so far, Jack Fallon-Underwood, Justin Chaires, Cole Matthews, and Rostislav Rar are running in the Democratic primary election June 28. Nick Reisman reports at New York State of Politics that Tonko wants the lines drawn too. "I just hope we're given district lines as soon as possible because the petitioning date is just around the corner," Tonko said. "I'd like to know what my district is going to look like, and if it's divided where I'm going to go from that point on." Democrats now control redistricting in the legislature, and the article asks, "Will Democrats try to make life more difficult for [Elise] Stefanik? Or make re-election easier for [Antonio] Delgado?" Tonko's blue district, which lies between Stefanik's now red district to the north, and Delgado's purple district to the south, will be altered if Democrats attempt to help one or the other of the nearby swing districts. New York Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs said, "Republicans across the country are redrawing congressional lines to favor their candidates. Without being obnoxious in New York, if lines are drawn with communities and help Democrats then that is the course we should take." Republican Liz Joy lost to Tonko in 2020, and is also running again this year.