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Cairo amends proposed zoning law yet again

Jan 12, 2011 6:48 am
The Daily Mail reports January 12 that the Cairo Zoning Commission is continuing to shift its first-ever zoning ordinance by now agreeing to expand the list of potential uses in its already-amended commercial/mixed-use district on Route 145 in the direction of neighboring Durham. And while the amended uses include new agricultural allowances for those looking to grow crops for commercial purposes, with no requirement for minimum acreage, Doron Tyler Antrim reports that the commission also decided to put uses such as bed and breakfast operations, day care centers, or nursery schools up for full site plan reviews. In addition, all proposed educational training facilities, wind towers, and hotels or motels must now apply for a special-use permit, too. A bar or tavern must apply a special-use permit to operate in the Mountaintop district, only. The commission plans to review at its next meeting regulations in the new Main Street commercial district, which runs from the intersection with Route 23 near the Bank of Greene County to Route 32. Following a public hearing by the zoning commission, the law will be handed to the town board. The board must then hold its own hearing.

The zoning commission also made minor adjustments to the minimum lot size in the Purling, Acra, South Cairo and Round Top hamlet districts. The minimum size will be 10,000 square feet where water and sewer is available and 20,000 where such infrastructure is not available. The adjustment brings all the hamlet districts in line with what is called for in the Cairo hamlet district. Under the zoning law, all existing uses will be allowed to stay. Copies of the law are on file in the town hall and public library at 512 Main St. All the documents, as well as the public comments, can be viewed online at www.planningbetterplaces.com/cairo.