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Protest targets Gibson over federal shutdown

Oct 16, 2013 6:12 am
Joe Gentile is reporting in the Register Star nearly 40 protesters demonstrated Tues., Oct. 15, outside U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson's Kinderhook office to demand an end to the ongoing federal government shutdown. Protesters shredded a symbolic $174,000 check made out to him by American taxpayers. Susan Weber, a MoveOn.org regional organizer said, “This is Chris Gibson’s congressional salary that he’s not earning because he’s voted to shut our government down." Gibson and other congressional Republicans have tied the resolution’s passage to conditional amendments to the Affordable Care Act. Landra Haber of the Chatham Democrats and a Chatham Town Council candidate, said she was disappointed by Gibson’s repeated efforts to delay implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Stephanie Valle, a Gibson spokeswoman, said she appreciated that over the last two days leaders from both parties are coming together. She added President Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders have, until recently, refused to negotiate. Read the full story in the Register Star.