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Copake Valley Farm owner Cascino jailed

Feb 26, 2016 6:30 am

Diane Valden is reporting in the Columbia Paper Copake Valley Farm owner Salvatore Cascino (kah-SHEE-no) has been jailed. During an appearance in Columbia County Supreme Court Thu., Feb. 25, Acting Supreme Court Judge Jonathan Nichols found the 76-year-old Westchester County resident guilty of both criminal and civil contempt and ordered him to spend at least 60 days in the Columbia County Jail. Cascino was also ordered to resolve various issues related to structures and dumping on his property, to pay $500 in fines and to reimburse the town of Copake for legal fees expended in bringing legal action against him. Nichols ordered Sheriff's deputies to handcuff Cascino in the courtroom and to take him to jail immediately. The 300-acre Copake Valley Farm is located along the east side of Route 22 in Copake. For nearly two decades, Cascino has run afoul of the law, violating federal, state and town statutes for illegal dumping, building and excavating. The decision rendered by Nichols Thursday was in response to two orders to show cause brought by the town of Copake in January and May 2013, asking Cascino be found in contempt for failing to comply with numerous orders previously issued in connection with his illegal activities in Copake. Read the full story in the Columbia Paper.