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Non-profit provides students with desks, books

Nov 23, 2020 5:45 am
Jill Konopka is reporting for WNYT-TV as a line of cars pulled up to the Montgomery C. Smith Elementary School in Hudson, early November 21, volunteers and teachers worked to fill each car with donated desks, earbuds, books and more, all provided by the Hudson Literacy Fund. The items were provided to students learning remotely, who are without a desk at home. Ann Israel, a Hudson Literacy Fund Board member, said Staples was a great partner to help pull the project off. "The gratitude was incredible because this will change things for children because it's so hard to do remote teaching/learning to begin with and this really will change things," said Israel. The Hudson Literacy Fund's all-volunteer board is made up of teachers, community members, authors and literacy specialists. The Fund supports a variety of initiatives, including the Thumbs Up reading program, the Hudson School Libraries Enrichment Program, The Young Writers Competition and more. [Read more at wnyt dot} com.