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September heavy rotation on WGXC

Sep 09, 2012 12:22 am
These songs and albums are in heavy rotation this month on WGXC, especially during the "transmission arts" moments after midnight and all day Saturday at 90.7-FM.

Animal Collective, "Centipede Hz" (Domino)
Steven Hyden in Grantland writes: "There is much to admire about the construction of Centipede Hz. It is a loose concept record about the radio; specifically, what happens to all those commercials and station identifications once they escape the Earth and get flung into outer space.... There is no "story" to Centipede Hz, and the concept is hardly overbearing, but it does inform the sound of the record: The songs crackle and move in and out of focus; sometimes, like on the violently metallic opener "Moonjock," snippets of alien melodies and disembodied voices appear suddenly in the mix."

Bob Dylan "Tempest" from "Tempest" (Columbia)
The title song of Bob Dylan's latest album is a 14-minute epic with a bit less structure and a slower gait then "Hurricane," telling the story of the Titanic sinking. There are strings on deck near the end, and references to the artist Leo. The sinking of the ship led to the Radio Act of 1912 in September, mandating radio-monitoring onboard ships and coasts. The song below is not the song in question, but another from the album in stores Sept. 11.

Samara Lubelski, "Wavelength" (DeStilj)
With a vague radio title, this latest collection of whispered songs from the Hall of Famer is another classic. She includes Hall of Famers PG Six on guitars and Helen Rush on Casio; plus Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley on drums; Moritz Finkbeiner on keyboards; Thilo Kuhn on Mellotron and vibraphone; Werner Notzel on organ guitar; and Willie Lane and Brian Sullivan contributed guitar parts as well.

Scanner, "Heart and Soul," unreleased demo for Live_Transmission project with Heritage Orchestra, re-scoring and arranging the music of Joy Division.
"This is my early studio demo that was then arranged for the orchestra and live band to be performed on stage at the Brighton Festival in May 2012. It's a twisted take on Joy Division's Heart and Soul," writes Scanner.

Swans, The Seer (Young God)
Saugerties-based Michael Gira's latest is getting great reviews, as audiences have caught up with the band's sound. National Public Radio previewed this album, if that is any indication of the widespread acceptance of a once fringe band.

Cooper-Moore and Assif Tsahar “The Eight,” "tells untold" (Hopscotch)
Free download available of track from two NYC free jazz legends.

Chris Lee, "Bury the Kings," "Bury the Kings" (Vampire Blues)
"Bury the Kings" is the fourth album by Brooklyn's Chris Lee, and was produced by Steve Shelley at Sonic Youth's Echo Canyon studio with by David Nagler on keyboards, Aaron McClellan on bass, Joey McClellan on guitar, and Shelley on drums.

Chris Lee: Bury The Kings from rumur on Vimeo.

Six Organs of Admittance, "Waswasa," "Ascent" (Drag City)

Jim Jarmusch and Jozef Van Wissem with "The Sun of the Natural World is,"
Jarmusch, the filmmaker, and Van Wissem make music for a short film by Diego Barrera that references mythology, the elements, and symbolism.

Aaron Dilloway and Jason Lescalleet, "Grapes and Snakes" (Pan-Act)

Bob Mould, "The Descent"