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Commission to throw redistricting back to legislature

Jan 24, 2022 1:55 pm

Nick Reisman reports for New York State of Politics that New York lawmakers will end up drawing new legislative boundaries for the state Legislature and House of Representatives in New York, according to the Democratic members of the New York State Independent Redistricting Commission. The commission is made up of Democrats and Republicans, who have yet to agree on redistricting maps. If they cannot agree, that leaves the job to the legislature. "We reiterate our commitment to a redistricting process driven by public input and hope that the Legislature will consider the input that the Commission has solicited and collected in its work," the redistricting commission members said in a statement. "Moreover, we are proud to embody the diversity of New York, as the Constitution calls for, and believe our diversity is reflected in our approach to public input and the line-drawing process. We urge the Legislature to approach their duty in the same spirit." The commission was created as a constitutional "reform" to take the state legislature out of the process. Instead, the state legislature will decide the process. Read more about this story at New York State of Politics.