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Concert series proposed for June still under consideration

May 02, 2022 12:30 am

Melanie Lekocevic is reporting for Capital Region Independent Media concert organizers are looking to present a series of festivals at Magic Forest Farm in Coeymans Hollow in June, but they have yet to receive permission from the town's joint planning and zoning board of appeals. The series would span five weekends from June through October, with 250 to 1,000 attendees expected each weekend. Magic Forest Farm, located on Bucks Ranch Road, describes itself as an agritourism destination that is both a sustainable farm and a space for camping and events, such as music festivals. Event promoter Spencer Lavoie from 4Life Entertainment presented the plans for the series at a public hearing April 27. Nearly all of the concertgoers will camp at the site each weekend, with some of the staff and musicians renting nearby lodging, Lavoie said. Several residents present at the hearing said they were concerned about traffic; Lavoie said plans are in place to regulate traffic impacts. Neighbors of Magic Forest Farm also expressed concerns about noise levels. Resident Allan Defazio said he was worried about the scale of the events, and that campers and concertgoers would leave the property, wandering onto neighboring properties. He is also worried about how waste and water supply would be handled. The proposal was sent to the Albany County Planning Board, which returned recommendations for traffic control and an emergency evacuation plan, including a medevac helicopter landing zone should the need arise. Town Supervisor George McHugh filed an appeal charging that the festival series would require a use variance rather than a special-use permit. He said the latter would apply to a campground, but the focus of the public hearing was on concerts. The public hearing was adjourned until May 25. At the May 9, meeting of the planning/zoning board of appeals, the board will consider McHugh's appeal, deciding on whether a special use permit or a use variance is appropriate. Read the full story at TheUpStater [dot] com.