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Programmer Basics

Daily Contact List

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WGXC On-Air Guest Agreement 2024

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Volunteer Requirements

Programmers are expected to participate in the organization, including station fundraising efforts, and maintain an active status as a volunteer, completing at least six hours of volunteer service each year. The time a programmer spends on air or otherwise producing their show does not count toward this requirement. Volunteer time can be completed in a variety of ways to benefit the station. Common volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to: participation in one of the various clerical, library, or housekeeping tasks within the station; additional participation in on-air pledge drives; and/or training and skill-sharing with other programmers.

*Syndicated programs not produced at a WGXC studio are exempt from this requirement.


Please refer to the Daily Contact List above for current staff points of contact.

WGXC maintains a Programmer Email list for distributing important information, meeting notices, and updates. It is each programmer's responsibility to open and read these infrequent communications from staff.

Pledge Drives

Historically, WGXC has conducted two to three on-air pledge drives each year. Listener support is responsible for meeting approximately 50% of the station's operating expenses. Beginning in October 2018, our efforts shifted to securing Sustaining Support in the form of monthly recurring donations. Once our goal of $5,000/month in monthly support is met, we expect to no longer rely on traditional pledge drive models. Programmers are required to participate in WGXC's fundraising efforts off-air as well as on-air during their regular show time, as requested.

Security + Equipment

No one (including programmers and volunteers) is permitted to enter a WGXC studio outside of public hours, without prior authorization of the WGXC Programming Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. Programmers are integral to maintaining the security of WGXC’s equipment and spaces. Programmers may ask visitors to identify themselves and to disclose the reasons for being in the studio. Programmers may also ask a visitor to leave if they have no legitimate reason for being there, and should alert the WGXC Programming Manager and Volunteer Coordinator immediately. Programmers are expected to be courteous to one another and to staff.

It is very important to leave the studio in suitable shape for the programmers that follow you, and the station must be left secure. There is a shutdown checklist posted in each studio, which involves a variety of tasks, from common-sense tidiness to station security. Failure to follow these procedures could constitute, at best, a nuisance for other programmers and, at worst, a major security or property damage risk for the station.

Whether you are prerecording or doing a live show, we ask that you leave the studio tidy and the equipment ready for the next program/programmer.

Promote Your Show

WGXC'S WEBSITE: The WGXC website is the first priority for posting information about your upcoming programs as well as posting playlists, and audio archives. Contact station staff for instructions on how to submit broadcast descriptions and other information.

SOCIAL MEDIA: WGXC is on Facebook and Instagram, and programmers are encouraged to help build audiences for WGXC's presence on both of these platforms. In addition, some programmers have made “pages” on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts for their programs. This can be a great way to build a base of online followers for your show, to remind them when you’re on the air, and to share your archives. Do not name your page “WGXC,” use your show name.

ON-AIR PROMOS: Have you heard those, short announcements on the air about some of our programs? We want everyone to record a promo for their show. If you haven’t done this yet, get in touch with station staff and we’ll help you make one. You can also record special promos for upcoming broadcasts: Are you interviewing a mayor? Is your next show a call-in show? You can record a short promo for broadcast in the days leading up to your show.

WEBPAGE/FACEBOOK: Lots of programmers have made their own websites/pages for their shows. They post playlists of past shows, post their archives, and let people know what’s coming up. This is absolutely fine; however, it is important that the WGXC website be considered a first priority for posting information.


Programmers need no previous knowledge or training in radio broadcasting or production to have a show on WGXC. The station provides training for all new programmers in a variety of skills and techniques including live broadcast engineering, interview techniques, audio recording, editing, preproduction and field recording. All WGXC Programmers will also receive WGXC-specific training, including FCC compliance.

WGXC Policy for missed shows, last-minute cancellations or changes

Cancellations/Travel: With the exception of illness, 48-hours advance notice is required for missing a show, a change in location or host, or a change in being pre-recorded versus live. Exceptions are of course understandable in extreme instances such as unforeseen illness or personal or family emergencies. Failure to abide by this policy at the rate below within any quarter [three-month period], will result in repercussions, as outlined below.

  • Weekly [show]: twice
  • Bimonthly [show]: twice
  • Monthly [show]: once
  • Quarterly [show]: once

  • Failure #1: Warning
  • Failure #2: Off-air for one broadcast
  • Failure #3: Off-air. A programmer may submit a new program application for consideration at the next biannual review.

Missed shows threshold: In addition, even with proper notification (again medical or family emergencies being exceptions), programmers who exhibit chronic behavior of missed broadcasts (for example, more than two broadcasts in a quarter for a weekly show) are subject to the same three tiers of repercussion with Failure #3 meaning losing their spot on the program schedule.

Programmer Agreement

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FCC and Station Policy Programmer Quiz

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