WGXC-90.7 FM

Programmer FAQs

How should I characterize my show's relationship to WGXC?

"Show Name" is produced for Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM in the Hudson Valley in New York State.

What do I do if I need to miss a show?

Your primary WGXC Program Schedule contact must be notified first. That notification--by email or telephone--must occur at least 48 hours in advance.

The preference is for a live, in-studio replacement to fill in during any and all absences. If an in-studio replacement is not possible (no one is available, and/or the programmer is assigned to a late-night or early morning spot at a time when staff is not present and a programmer with knowledge of security procedures is not available), the production of a new, pre-recorded show is acceptable. If a new show cannot be recorded for whatever reason, the programmer will be asked to specify the archived show they wish to have re-broadcast in their absence. A WGXC Staff member must approve the choice of replacement host in advance of broadcast time.

In instances of a requested serial absence—up to three months for a broadcast hiatus—programmers must first identify a potential replacement for the duration of their leave. All replacement hosts must be approved and trained by a WGXC staff member.

How do I reserve a studio?

WGXC Programmers have access to WGXC’s facilities to produce their programs and fulfill their volunteer requirements. In order to ensure equal opportunity for all programmers, please note the following guidelines:

Advance reservations are required.

Only staff can make or amend reservations.

Requests should specify if it is program-related, or volunteer hours.

What is the best way to prerecord a phone interview?

Interview technology in order of preference:
In studio
Via phone using freeconferencecall.com with the recording option
Landline phone
No cell phone calls

When can I use the office?

Programmers may use the Hudson office computers, telephones and printer(s) during regular business hours (10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mon. through Fri.) for WGXC-related business only. Use of the studio WiFi network is also available, but on a limited basis. All other activities should be cleared with a member of WGXC staff.

What do I do if someone asks to see our Public File?

The public file is a collection of documents required to be maintained by all broadcast stations by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The file must be maintained at the station's main studio and visitors must be given unquestioned and immediate access to the public inspection files during business hours. The WGXC public file is located online. If a member of the public requests to see the file, invite them to make themselves comfortable and then immediately locate a staff member who will facilitate immediate access. If the request comes at a time when a staff member is not present, immediately contact the Station Manager by telephone. The Station Manager will aid the programmer or volunteer in providing the requested access. The programmer or volunteer should remain with the visitor until the Station Manager or other staff member becomes available. Individuals requesting access to the public file must never be turned away or told to come back, nor should they be left unattended or ignored.

What do I do if the FCC shows up?

Greet the visitor and immediately notify staff of their presence. If a staff member is not present at the studio, call the Station Manager. The Station Manager’s contact information can be found on the daily contact list posted in the studio. Be aware that the FCC representative may first ask to see the public file. The public file is a collection of documents required to be maintained by all broadcast stations by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The WGXC public file is located online. Immediately locate a staff member who will facilitate immediate access. It is imperative that studio management be contacted as soon as possible, so the request for a more thorough inspection can take place.

What do I do if I’m doing my show and something isn’t working properly?

First and foremost: Stay calm and roll with it. Always act as a professional. Refrain from complaining about the problem on mic. Do your best to keep the show moving. Concentrate on ensuring an enjoyable listening experience for your listeners, despite the challenge you might be facing.

As you do your show prep and before arriving at the studio, check the WGXC Technical Status document, located at the top of this page under "Quick Links" for the latest news on the status of the equipment in all three studios.

Always arrive prepared with extra media that could be substituted in the event of a technical problem. For example, bring an iPod or a laptop as backup in case the CD drive gives you problems.

Troubleshoot the problem you are facing to the best of your ability.

Call for staff support. If you are on the air in the Hudson studio during business hours and staff is present, ask a staff member for assistance. If you are broadcasting from Acra, Catskill or from Hudson at times when staff is not present, call a staff member. The daily contact list is posted in a prominent location in each studio.

Should I notify the station if I hear something wrong on-air? If so, who do I contact?

Yes, in the case of non-FCC compliant content and any period of extended silence (“dead air”), staff should be notified. Click here for a PDF snapshot of who to contact, when.

What are the best practices in terms of leaving the studio for the next programmer?

The outgoing host must set up the station ID, PSA, promo and underwriting spots for the incoming host. IDs must be played at the top of the hour.

The outgoing host is encouraged to end their show (whenever possible) with a song to allow ample time for the incoming programmer to settle in before the next show begins.

Departing hosts are urged to leave the studio organized and ready for use. Please close out and clean-up open browser windows on both the Mac Mini and laptop computers, secure headphones, turn off unused channels on the board, etc.

Arriving programmers are asked to wait outside until five minutes before their show is scheduled to begin before entering the studio.

All programmers are encouraged to work in collaboration with those that precede and follow them in the broadcast schedule.

Who do I contact if the studio is locked and I have to do my program?

Using the daily contact list, call the on-call staff member(s). The staff person will walk you through the process of gaining access. A copy of the daily contact list is located at:

Hudson Studio: taped to the underside of the lid on the WGXC mailbox.

Acra Studio/Wave Farm Study Center: posted above the lockbox at the main entrance.

How can I help my fellow programmers who might need help with technical matters?

Any programmer who wishes to become a peer trainer, or any programmer who would like additional training should communicate with WGXC staff about their needs. It is important that only those who have participated in WGXC-organized training sessions, serve as peer trainers.

When is it permissible for staff to enter a live studio for on-air interruptions?

To assure programmers have focused creative space, the following list documents when it is acceptable to enter a live studio:

Dead air
Technical trouble that does not resolve itself quickly
Non-compliance with FCC regulations
When a programmer has articulated needing help on air
The last five minutes of every program should allow for transition, including the arrival of the next programmer, and/or a staff member who may need to cue a subsequent program.

How much can I edit my program for the WGXC Archives?

While programmers are welcome to edit their programs however they see fit for independent purposes, and with independent resources, WGXC archive files should reflect what was broadcast on-air. Editing should only take place in order to remove any non-FCC compliant content and any period of silence caused by technical difficulties.

Can I approach music labels about having CDs sent to the station?

Requests to music labels for new releases should be channeled through the Wave Farm Artistic Director. Requests for new jazz releases should be made through programmer Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson.

How should I name my audio files?

WGXC uses the following standard naming protocol for broadcast audio archives: ShowName_BroadcastName_WGXC_yyyymmdd[Date].extension For example: SomethingtoTalkAbout_HallenbeckHamilton_WGXC_20151007.mp3