WGXC-90.7 FM

Get on the Radio / Put Your Town Meetings on the Radio

Apr 18, 2017: 6pm- 8pm
Bushel Collective

84 Main St. | Delhi, New York 13753

Find out how to apply to do a show on WGXC, or collaborate on a segment, or work to get local audio on the radio. Learn how to webcast your local town meetings with your cell phone. Anyone with an iPhone or Android can learn to upload audio to the WGXC website, sharing town meetings and local events with your community, and getting them played on 90.7-FM and wgxc.org. Bring your phone if you want to attend in person at the Wave Farm Study Center. Tom Roe from WGXC leads the workshop. Also, learn how to apply to do a show on WGXC, or work on a segment, or report on local issues. This is part of the Bushel Collective's New Grange farm club meetings.