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Feb 15, 2020: 7pm- 9pm
The Spotty Dog Books & Ale

440 Warren St. | Hudson, NY 12534 | 518-671-6006

eteam presents a multimedia performance for the release of their new book Grabeland.

Grabeland takes place in a country that no longer exists, in a culture rooted in soil and projections. The story tours the inner exiles of its characters as they test the limitations of their actual existence. Focusing on Germany and The United States, Grabeland dramatizes the formation of national identity and ultimately its dissolution through an accumulation of personal and collective experiences, anecdotes, accidents, propaganda, falsifications, histories, victimizations, inventions, dreams, and hopes.

“I can think of no other visual artists who could synthesize their practice and emerge with a novel this good. They achieve what all art aims for—a pulse which keeps each page alive. This pulse creates a tension between the strange and the pure, between the compelling and the mundane—page-by-page it reminds me of Sebald. The few days I spent wandering its pages were precious.” – Nick Flynn

This unique novel of visual ideas, Grabeland, imagines a literary, artful and art-inspired journey, a precise travelogue of sites and possible meanings. The obsession at the heart of Grabeland engaged me completely. – Lynne Tillman

“Grabeland successfully merges descriptions of banal everyday activities, political and historical facts and fictions, Proustian reminiscences of the artists’ own childhood and the elements of a road trip novel into a dazzling read. eteam’s diary-like storytelling unravels complicated, sometimes unnerving and quite often hilarious oppositions of generations, cultures, political views and ways of living, in which urgency of art making and community building is a constant undertone.” – Zeljka Himbele