WGXC-90.7 FM

Audio Buffet 2019

Aug 03, 2019: 2pm- 6pm
Wave Farm

5662 Route 23 | Acra, NY 12405 | 518-622-2598

Tom Roe and Galen Joseph-Hunter at Audio Buffet 2019

Tom Roe and Galen Joseph-Hunter at Audio Buffet 2019. Photographed by Thatcher Keats. (Aug 03, 2019)

Wave Farm's fifth annual Audio Buffet and WGXC Programmer Picnic will take place on Saturday August 3, 2019. In 2015, Pauline Oliveros and IONE donated the 32-channel mixing board they once traveled the world with to Wave Farm. Their generous and meaningful donation serves as the fulcrum for the Audio Buffet event, where dozens of acoustic and electronic sound artists come together for a live collaborative and improvisational broadcast on Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM from 2 - 4 p.m.

Performing artists include: BBob Drake, Bobby Previte, Tyler Wood, Max Hamel, Pat Gubler, Daniel Steffey, Martin Freeman, Jen Kutler, Matt Luczak, Craig Chin, Messica Arson, Stony Mat & Tea Dust, Jimmy Garver, soundBarn, Zach Poff, Paul Feitzinger, Max Goldfarb, Jeff Economy, Les Leveque, Rodney Greenblat, Rebecca Wolff, Messica Arson, The Magic Stranger, Cornelius Eady, Lisa Liu, Charles Lindsay, Christopher Funkhouser, Ryan Jewell and many others to be invited and listed soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Physical attendance at this event is for participating artists and WGXC volunteer programmers only. The public is invited to listen to the live broadcast on 90.7-FM in the Upper Hudson Valley, or at wavefarm.org/listen anywhere!