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Kyle Morgan, Noah Harley, Margo Ross

Aug 14, 2022: 8pm- 11pm
The Avalon Lounge

29 Church St. | Catskill, NY 12414 | 518-943-5333

Performances from Kyle Morgan ,Noah Harley, and Margo Ross, with a live webcast at wgxc.org (click the LISTEN button).
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kyle Morgan grew up in central Pennsylvania, where he spent countless Sunday mornings amidst the broken strains and coffee breath of his church congregation. His first record, Starcrossed Losers, became the alias under which he would go on to release two more, Bind Us Anew and Strange Hesitations, each featuring his distinctive conglomeration of Americana styles, from stripped-down acoustic ballads and love-lorn parlor laments to roaring alt-country and throwback 60’s rock’n’roll.
Released in February by Team Love Records, Younger At Most Everything is a collection of deeply personal songs that reads like a map of Morgan’s spiritual evolution. From child of evangelical Christianity to existentially paralyzed adolescent, drunken romantic to neurotic but industrious artist, Younger takes listeners on a bumpy journey through the badlands of self-doubt, fear, repression, and near-despair, charting the ongoing, non-linear path towards healing. The first single, “Do You Still Have Some Fight In You,” came out last fall.
In my music, writing and performance, I attempt my level best to fashion old skins from new grapes, or also vice versa. To graft the weird branch of U.S. American vernacular onto our post-nuclear bough. All traditions being inoculated, the West must first be believed to be seen. In no particular order and recently, Apollinaire (always), Elizabeth Bishop, Chögyam Trungpa, David Graeber, Lorca, Nina Simone, Robert Macfarlane. My father has been a professional storyteller and children’s performer, my mother his manager. So the question as a kid was always where is the storyline here, who’s that speaking with the accent anyway and what are they carrying over the hill in that large black bag of theirs? My work seems to have preferred hard-to-come-by places over the years—underpopulated bars in Berlin Germany, street corners, defunct blogs, one time the Princeton University Graduate Center on a Tuesday night, yikes. I’m not at all sure how you came across this website, but however you did, you’re very welcome. It’s intended as a sort of portal to the various incarnations all the time and effort taken over the years. I hope you delight in the spelunk! If you do enjoy the work it is available for purchase, all received gratefully in the form of encouragement and a warm cup of coffee. https://www.noahbharley.net
Margo Ross is an Art-Folk independent musician and composer from Woodstock, NY.

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